K-POP Dreams Offers Bus Service for B1A4!

1534891_787006538028222_6102408787472212231_oLive in California but don’t have a way to San Francisco for B1A4’s concert? Have no fear, K-POP Dreams is here! They have chartered a bus specifically for  fans trying to get to the B1A4 stop in San Francisco!

There will be two pick-up stops: Anaheim and Los Angeles. Travelers will then be whisked away to San Francisco, where they will enjoy an epic concert, and then board the bus again to head back to Los Angeles and Anaheim!

Still don’t have a ticket yet? Looks like there is an option to purchase a concert ticket AND a roundtrip bus ticket at a discounted rate! Be sure to jump on this deal as supplies are limited! Here’s a link to a handy-dandy FAQ for those of you who are interested!

Check out K-Pop Dreams Facebook page for the full details! Enjoy Banas! ^_^