K-Food Trend: Honey Chip Ice Cream!

We have noticed a sweet trend popping up all over Koreatown lately! It’s called, Honey Chip Ice Cream and it’s a hot trend in the South Korean dessert industry right now. Basically, you take delicious, soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt and drizzle it in honey. Top it all off with a natural honey comb and you’re all set!


Softree Honey Chip Ice Cream (cr: http://shopandeatinseoul.blogspot.com/)

Some of the bigger distributors of this delicious dessert in Korea are Softree and Milk Cow, but you’re able to try it right here in Los Angeles’ Koreatown! A new specialty honey chip eatery just opened up right across from the Chapman Plaza called Honeymee. Luckily, we live near Koreatown, so we were able to meander over and try a bit of this new trend. Can we just say, it’s delicious! It tastes just how you think it would taste…soft serve ice cream drizzled in decadent honey. We’re actually still wondering if you’re supposed to eat the honey comb whole, or if it’s just for decoration!


Honeymee’s True Milk Ice Cream and Honeycomb Chip (cr: Honeymee.com/menu)

3377 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 116, Los Angeles, CA 90017

There are a lot of other places to try this new dessert within Koreatown. As we were driving down 6th street, we saw that a Pinkberry in Koreatown had temporarily closed it’s doors, and it seems as if the honey chip frozen yogurt will be a new menu item when they reopen!

And, it seems as if we will be getting our very own Milk Cow store at the Madang Plaza in Ktown! We’re not sure of when the opening date is, but it looks like it’s soon….

Another eatery that doesn’t specialize, but does serve the treat is Mango Six, a Korean chain store that has opened it’s doors on 3rd street right across from the Beverly Connection. You can taste their vanilla yogurt and choose a whole honeycomb as a topping!

CAFÉ MANGOSIX, 8428 w 3rd Street, LA, CA, 90048

Get out there and git yer hands on some Honey Chip Ice Cream!! I scream! You scream! We all scream for HONEYYYY!!!

Until Next Time ~