K-Drama Based On Popular Webtoon “The Sound Of Your Heart” Now Available on Netflix!

As chance would have it, we were perusing the Netflix “New Releases” tab today and were happily surprised to see that the popular K-drama “The Sound of Your Heart”, starring Lee Gwang Soo, was now available! Huzzah! Now we can binge-watch all 10 episodes of this fun-loving, slice of life comedy based on the hugely successful Korean webtoon, “The Sound of Heart”.

This webtoon is actually Korea’s longest running webtoon with a staggering 800 episodes since 2006, and follows the story of a cartoonist (Cho Seok, the ACTUAL author), his wonky family and his girlfriend, and how he seeks and finds inspiration for his work within those relationships. There are also special appearances by some well known names in Korea, including Jung Joon Young, Laboum and Song Joong Ki! The episodes only run for a quick 30 mins, so definitely binge-able! Let us know what you guys think!




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