ISA TV Charity Basketball Game: Wrap Up!

IMG_6232_WMIf you weren’t able to make it out for ISA TV’s annual Charity Basketball Game, you missed out on some serious fun! The sold-out event had appearances by some very well-known Youtube personalities, including D-Trix, Wong Fu Productions, AJ Rafael and the Fung Brothers, just to name a few! Some notable figures that came to give their support included Far East Movement, Shane Yoon from Ktown Cowboys and Megan Lee from Nickolodeon’s “Make it Pop”! “Fresh Off the Boat” stars Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen, who play brothers Emery and Evan Huang on the show, lent their support as well! Ian even stood out and sang the national anthem to start the game, which the crowd loved! IMG_6274_WM

Halftime proved to be most entertaining, since a few lucky fans got to join the celebrities on the court and play them in a shootout, as well as a dance competition! IMG_6774_WM Who won!? Everyone did! No one left the court empty handed! And even if you weren’t called to the floor, prizes ended up being thrown out into the audience! All the participants did their best to entertain the huge crowd with impromptu dance battles, trick shots and comedic commentary!

IMG_6747_WMWhat were some of your favorite moments from the game? For more pics, be sure to visit our Facebook page! ^_^