Infinite: One Great Step, LA Wrap Up!


Infinite, a seven member Kpop group, is close to finishing their world tour, One Great Step, and we had the pleasure of catching their show here in Los Angeles. Can we just admit right now that we didn’t really know much about Infinite when we looked into doing media for their concert, but boy, were we missing out!


So, as it so happens, we actually got the chance to meet Infinite when they were interviewing with Danny from L.A. on MNET. It wasn’t our intention to talk with the artists, but that’s how it turned out! When we tried to sneak quietly into the recording session, already in progress, we were spotted by Infinite, and immediately welcomed! Hoya and Dongwoo tried out their english on us, asking where we were from and if we knew Infinite’s songs. Cristina started humming Destiny, which tickled Hoya, causing him to clap and giggle. Before we knew it though, Infinite’s documentary camera turned on us, while Hoya continued to try and speak English!  So, if a DVD of One Great Step appears in the near future, be on the look out for our impromptu convo, and let us know if you see it!

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 11.38.33 AM

The concert itself was spectacular! It felt like it went on for hours, but we really didn’t mind as we danced along to all the music. The concert even had a theme, and we LOVE themes! Infinite was trapped in a world with no music, and they decided to fight to bring music and hope to the world!  Pretty epic, huh? Well, these boys are pretty epic, so the theme fit them perfectly! Each member was also able to showcase their personalities through full solo stages. Everyone had a chance to shine! And can we just say, that these boys delivered the most fan-service we’ve ever seen from a kpop group! They were jumping off of the stage and walking through the screaming crowd, taking fans’ phones and taking selcas of themselves and winking/air kissing/gyrating with wild abandon! If you have the chance, be sure to catch Infinite in action!


Wow! In conclusion, all we can say is, after watching their show live, speaking with them and listening to their songs continuously since then, how could we be so late to the Infinite train??? We are converted Inspirits now, and can’t wait to see what Infinite does next! ^_^

Our Concert Footage is up!

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