Getting To Know K-pop Cover Singer, Jason Ray!

img_8117Singer/Songwriter Jason Ray, has competed on the Korean singing competition show, Superstar K, had various K-pop stars praise his vocals and just held his first solo concert in NYC! With over 13 millions views on his Youtube channel, Jason has captured a lot of attention with his smooth K-pop covers from artists like Exo, BTS and Blackpink. Jason was nice enough to answer some questions we had for him before his show at Funkadelic Studios NYC. Let’s get to know Jason Ray!

NN: What inspired you to create and share your first K-pop cover?

JASON: My cousins, who are huge K-pop fans, suggested that I sing a Korean cover.

NN: What was your first K-pop cover?

JASON: I believe my first one was “Step Up” by KARA

NN: Who was the first K-pop artist to give you a shoutout?

JASON: The first shout-out was from  girl group KARA.

NN: What was the greatest piece of advice the judges (or one of the judges) gave you while you were competing in Superstar K?

JASON: Ailee suggested that I really improve upon my Korean language skills so that my music can make a stronger connection with listeners. Also, to help subdue my strong American accent.

NN: What were some things you enjoyed the most about Korea, when you were there for Superstar K?

JASON: I enjoyed everything! The culture, the food, the people. Korea is a very compassionate family oriented society and I look forward to going back.

NN: What are some things we can look forward to, from you, in the future?

JASON: You can look forward to new music. I’m very excited to share some of the new tracks that I’ve been working on. Also, more live shows!

NN: If you weren’t doing K-pop covers, what other ways do you think, would you have liked to be involved with the Korean entertainment industry?

JASON: Producing and writing with other K-pop artists  and partnering with the label companies to help upcoming talent. I eventually want to do this at some point in my career.

NN: Thank you Jason!

We can all look forward to more music from this talented K-pop fan and performer! For more information and songs from Jason Ray, check out his Youtube channel!



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