Get Ready for Yoon Shi Yoon’s Comeback!

YoonShiYoon11-1Yoon Shi Yoon has a way of melting your heart, whether he’s playing a bumbling flower boy next door, or a competent baker in King of Baking, Kim TakguWe sure have missed his face on the Kdrama screen, but the wait is finally over! Yoon Shi Yoon will be officially discharged from his mandatory service on Jan. 27th! As you may have noticed, that’s really soon…but not soon enough! Check out some of the fun YSY stuff below to help get you through the agony of waiting!


Let’s go!

Cute street interview with SBS Entertainment! Can’t understand a lot of it, but it shows how charming he is naturally! ^_^

(Wish we could understand Korean fluently…. :grumpy:)


Kim Ji Hoon and Yoon Shi Yoon sing, well shout, “Becoming Dust” at each other! YSY definitely has some pipes!

Random Fact! Yoon Shi Yoon is famous for his realistic portrayal of deep emotions as he is known for getting into character quickly and can cry on cue!


But, we don’t like to see him cry sooooo…


Makes you randomly want to try Dunkin Donuts coffee, huh? ^_~


So cute! We could watch him all day! Hopefully, he will be back to work soon and we can fall in love with even more of his on-screen characters!

Which is your favorite Yoon Shi Yoon moment?

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