G-Park (aka 명수) To Spin in the U.S.!

If you didn’t know, funny guy Park Myung Soo, who is a series regular on “Infinity Challenge” and “Happy Together” is also a talented DJ. His love for EDM music was highlighted in this year’s Yeongdong Highway Music Festival, where he co-wrote a song with IU, and “strongly suggested” creating an EDM song, which eventually turned out to be the smash hit, “Leon”.

He will be heading over here for a bi-coastal set in both NYC and LA! On Nov. 27th, he will play in NYC at Syndrome42 (ClubXL) and on Nov. 28th he will head over to Los Angeles to perform at Belasco! Tickets go on sale on Nov. 1st!


Visit the main page here for tickets, or join the Facebook event page to keep updated!