Funny Vines from the MAMA2015 Red Carpet!

The MAMA Awards has always been a star-studded affair, full of very fashionable stars! At the beginning of the Red Carpet walk, idols, actors and personalities had to take a 360 degree Vine video of themselves, but it seemed like a lot of them didn’t exactly know what to do when the camera rotated! Check out some of our favorites below!


Chanyeol’s yelp at the end makes this!


They really did not expect it to move! Lol!

Lee Kwang Soo and Park Bo Young

Haha! Kwang Soo’s expression! Lol!

Son Ho Jun and Yoo Yeon Seok

“Are you ok?” Lol! 


“Come back!” >_<


Whoa! Lol! 


Haha, Yugyeom, you’re too close to the camera… T_T

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