Fun Kpop Videos! Summer 2013 Edition

Hey guys! What tunes have you been pumping over the summer season? Check out our list of some of our favorite Kpop songs at the moment…

1) Crayon Pop, “Bar, Bar, Bar”

This video is really catchy and cute! We dare you to sit still after listening to it!

2) Xia Junsu, “Incredible”

So colorful! So happy! So…sexxaayyy! Junsu has got it all! We never get tired of listening to him sing!

3) f(x), “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

Seriously, this song is so addicting! Rum pum pum pummmy pum pum! ^_^

4) Vixx, “대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U)”

This song is adorable! Oh, and not to mention the video is fresh and interesting! It probably took a lot of hard work to sing backwards…T_T

5) 2ne1, “Do You Love Me”

This video is really refreshing. It’s just them hanging out and having fun! Makes us wish we could party with 2ne1!! ^_^

6) Seungri, “Gotta Talk to U”

Seungri is always surprising us, but this latest single keeps replaying in our heads! He’s all grown up! Check out that 15+ rating! Lol…

Now, this list is by no means ALL the kpop we listen to! This list is just what we’re currently into and it will never be complete since we love so many artists/videos!! Kpop  hwaiting! ^_^