Did You Vote Yet? MAMA 2017 Current Rankings!

Since opening their voting up last week, MAMA’s site has been flooded with fans trying to see their favorite artists win big this year. A lot of the top artists can already boast having votes in the millions for their songs, vocal and dance performances.

Credit : Mnet Official Youtube Channel

We were curious about who was in an early lead, so we checked out the site today! The judging criteria appears to mention that only albums and songs released between October 27th, 2016 and October 18th 2017 will be considered for awards. For more on the judging criteria, check out Mwave’s FAQ !

Below are some of the current rankings for the nominees of MAMA 2017! (a/o 12:00PM EST)

We only listed the top 3 in each category! There are many more categories and artists than listed below! Check out the official Mwave voting site to view them all!

Best New Male Artist

  1. WannaOne with 50% of the vote
  2. Samuel
  3. Golden Child

Best New Female Artist

  1. ChungHa with 36% of the vote
  2. Pristin
  3. Weki Meki

Best Male Group

  1. Exo with 39.7% of the vote
  2. BTS is nipping at their heels with 37.9% of the vote!
  3. Got7

Best Female Group

  1. Blackpink with 39.9% of the vote
  2. Red Velvet is close with 32.9% of the vote
  3. Twice

Best Male Artist

  1. G-dragon is blowing away the competition with 61% of the vote! He also has the most votes so far across all categories!
  2. Zico
  3. Psy

Best Female Artist

  1. Taeyon with 32% of the vote
  2. IU with 29% of the vote
  3. Sunmi

Best Dance Performance Group

  1. BTS “DNA” with 40.3% of the vote
  2. Exo “Ko Ko Bop” with 40.1% of the vote
  3. Seventeen “Don’t Wanna Cry”

Best Band Performance

  1. Day6 “I Smile” with 39% of the vote
  2. CNBlue “Between Us” with 28% of the vote
  3. FTIsland “Wind”

Best Music Video

  1. Exo “Power” with 39.9% of the vote
  2. BTS “Spring Day” with 39.3%
  3. Seventeen “Don’t Wanna Cry”

Want to cast your vote? The rules are simple! You just have to register on Mwave’s voting site here, and create an account by signing up with your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kakao, ect. Then, you MUST vote in every category! You can only vote once per day per i.d so make it count! Voting will stay open until Nov. 28th!



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