#DailyCute: Free Hugs in Kyoto!

Hugs are a universal symbol of love and trust, which is not something that can be said about the historical relations between Japan and Korea. But, student Suyeon Youn decided to put her ideals to the test as she hit the streets of Kyoto in her traditional Korean clothing, holding up a sign which read “Free Hugs” and “I’m Korean. Can we hug together?” Check out the reactions below! (Sorry we can’t translate the video for you, but the feeling is pretty clear! ^_^)

This touching video was brought to our attention through RocketNew24! For the full story, check out their website!


Japanese creator Koichi Kuwabara creates many videos like this! In a recent video, he conducts a “Blind Trust Experiment” where he stands, blindfolded on a Seoul street corner  and awaits hugs from passing strangers. There are subtitles in this one! Yay!

Both videos share a beautiful message of hope and love! Keep on hugging~