[Concert List] Kpop Shows Coming to the U.S. Spring 2014

[Updated on 3/17/14]

Wow! Prepare to part with all of your hard-earned cash over these next couple of months Kpop fans! Looks like we’ll be hosting quite a few visitors from the S. Korean entertainment scene!  


Aziatix: March 23rd, 2014, Club Nokia, Los Angeles

Aziatix are holding a very special concert thanks to Toyota! You CAN’T buy tickets for this show! The only way to get tickets is to enter the giveaway via Toyota! Check out the link for details!



 Teen Top: March 25, 2014 Club Nokia, Los Angeles

Teen Top is making their way to the USA, and they are going to make a stop in Los Angeles, as well as San Jose and Toronto! Tickets are now available! Check out the www.krowdpop.com or www.kpopunited.org to vote for your city and buy your tickets for Teen Top!



Various Artists (Korean Music Festival): May 3rd, 2014, Hollywood Bowl, LA

So far, this concert is pretty secretive…the only artists that have been announced, as of today, are Dal Shabet and Crayon Pop, 2AM and B1A4! But, nevertheless, all VIP Pit Tickets are sold out! This is actually a really fun venue since you can bring your own food and beverages (alcoholic as well…^_^) and gaze at the beautiful scenery all around you! Check out KMF’s website for more details!



KBS Open Concert: April 12th, 2014, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 

This will be the first concert of it’s kind in Los Angeles; a free Kpop concert to celebrate the 111 years of when Koreans first started immigrating to the United States! You know there will be a lot of Kpop fans swarming to LA to witness this historic concert, especially since some of the rumored acts include Shinee, 2PM, Sistar, Girl’s Day and CNBLUE! WOW! More info to come as we get it!

[UPDATE] Looks like INFINITE is rumored to be part of the lineup as well! ^_^




B.A.P. Live on Earth, April 22nd, 2014, Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles

Yay! B.A.P is heading back to the United States later this spring! If you live in New York, Dallas, Chicago or L.A, then you’ll have the chance to catch the boys on their “Live on Earth” tour! Be sure to visit http://www.powerhouselive.net for ticket info! Tickets are on sale now! ^_^


Well, as you can see it will be a busy couple of months here in Los Angeles, but we’ll try our best to get as much footage and any interviews we can so we can share it with those of you that won’t be able to schlep all the way over here!! Stay tuned! ^_^