Conan in South Korea! [Videos]



We are huge fans of Conan O’Brien, and when he announced earlier last week that his next travel destination was going to be South Korea, of course we were ecstatic! We will patiently wait for his Korean episodes to air here in the U.S., but while we wait, we thought we would share some videos we found of his triumphant arrival at ICN! Check out all of his Korean fans!

TV Daily published some awesome footage of Conan as he arrived and greeted his waiting fans while also speaking to some of the media that was present.

Also, this YTN piece on Conan’s arrival mentions his upcoming collaboration with JYP! Wonder what will unfold…stay tuned to find out!

If you want to follow Conan’s adventures in Korea, he set up a special Kakao account just for his visit! Be sure to follow his #KakaoStory! User ID: conanobrien

Have a fun trip Conan! ^_^



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