CJ E&M Building a K-pop Themed Complex in Goyang City

Hallyu fans can start planning another stop on their pilgrimage to the capital of K-pop! Looks like CJ E&M, the same company that has toured the KCON franchise globally, will be opening their own hallyu-inspired facility. There aren’t too many specifics on what contents will be highlighted specifically, but right now, we know that it’s a huge undertaking! The CJ Cultural Contents Complex, which started out being called K-Culture Valley (love that!), will boast the size of 46 soccer fields, and be the permanent home of theme parks, concert halls, shopping malls and hotels!

Image Provided by CJ to Yonhap News (Original Here)

The location of the project is the area of Goyang City, which is a “satellite city” of Seoul, meaning it’s not too far away. It’s approximately 40 mins outside of Seoul’s city center, which will make it a popular day trip spot once it’s open. Goyang city already houses the SBS Broadcasting Center, MBC Dream Center and is the site of multiple royal tombs which are cataloged as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Goyang city is also the hometown to a lot of your favorite Kpop stars including D.O. from EXO, JB from Got7, Rap Monster from BTS, and Yuju from Gfriend! It would be great if some of these artists could appear at the grand opening celebration, wouldn’t it?

What do you think? Would you visit the Cultural Contents Complex? Well, you’ll have to wait until it’s completed in 2020! See you there!

New Story Original Source: Yonhap News

General Info : Goyang City – Wikipedia



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