Celebrate Pepero Day Your Way!

As most of you probably know, today is Pepero Day! 

It’s that adorable holiday where couples profess their love by gifting each other delicious cookie sticks called Pepero on Nov. 11th (get it? 1+1…looks like Pepero sticks…marketing genius!). 

Did you know, the day is so huge that Lotte Co., the makers of Pepero, attribute the day to raking in 30% of their yearly sales? In ONE day! That’s a lot to chew on. But what about the rest of us? Those of us who live outside of Korea and are well, pretty unattached? Can’t we join in on the fun? The answer is OF COURSE SILLY! Here are some ways you can celebrate Pepero Day solo or with a group of close friends!

Try Making Your Own Pepero!

There are tons of tips and tutorials out there on the internet! Be as creative as you want, make a huge batch and share them with your friends and family! Who says cooking can’t be fun?


Make a Frickin’ Pepero Cake!

Satisfy that lonely sweet tooth with a whole cake dedicated to the mighty Pepero! We’re sure you can modify the recipe with any flavor of Pepero you prefer! Check out the directions below!





Have Civil Arguments About Whether Pepero or Pokki Are The Better Snacks

We know it’s not polite to talk politics at the table, but we’re sure you and your friends can get through it! Historically, Pokki was first, but does it make them better? Discuss. Just to be clear, we love both! 



Check Out How They’re Made

It can be a day for education too. Lotte released a video depicting their secrets on how they create their Pepero confections!

Celebrate Pepero Day All Year!

It you’re a huge fan of Pepero in general, like us, then it’s a real bummer when you go for that beloved snack only to realize that, *gasp*, you’re out! It’s nice to know that there are services like Snackfever who will send you a box of delicious Korean snacks every month! It usually includes Pepero and sometimes fun K-pop merchandise! We unboxed one of their boxes to let you see what’s inside!  



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