Can You Have Too Much Chicken? We Find Out at Dong Dae Moon Dakhanmari!

Dong Dae Moon Dakhanmari is the latest chicken spot to open up in Koreatown, Los Angeles and we were invited to stop by and try some of their signature dishes! Now, when we first stepped in, we loved the decor! It’s quite a cute spot with a nice, cozy feel! The menu is pretty straight forward, as there are only a couple of items on it, but that is usually a great sign, as it means that they put all of their effort into the perfection of said dishes!

What goods do they have for sale? Chicken, chicken, and more chicken! They have whole boiled chicken, braised soy chicken and Korean styled fried chicken dishes! The manager informed us that they only use the best and freshest ingredients! Everything is organic, down to the broth, which they make fresh everyday. Oh, and you better hope that you get there before they sell out of items, as they only prepare a certain amount each day to ensure that you are getting the freshest meal possible. Once they sell-out, that’s it!

Check out our video below for the full, Dong Dae Moon Dakhanmari experience!

Let’s just say, we left feeling full and happy! Chicken lovers should definitely try out this spot! Enjoy!

Location: 3465 W 6th St, Ste 50, Los Angeles, CA 90020 (Chapman Plaza)




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