Brown Eyed Girls Live! : LA

Brown-Eyed-Girls-JeA-Miryo--Narsha_1456988358_af_orgK-pop loving Angelenos got a surprise announcement over the weekend! Super-talented power group, Brown Eyed Girls, is heading to Feria in Ktown, LA (682 Irolo Steet) to perform for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Joining the festivities will be popular and talented beatbox prodigy, KRNFX and renowned DJ and producer, Kero One.

These fierce ladies will be performing songs from their latest album, Basic, as well as some of their classics! Tickets are on sale now, and they can be purchased on the official Eventbrite page. (This event is for those 18+ since it will be at a nightclub)

Strapped for cash? Be sure to enter our Teen Top Ticket Giveaway for a chance at a pair of free tickets! ~_~

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