BABYMETAL World Tour! Coming This Summer ~

1551_948007031913230_5842802374961895601_nIf you’re an international fan of the Japanese group, BABYMETAL, you’re in for a treat as they are launching a world tour this summer! They will be traveling to various cities in the United States as part of their tour, and have added additional tour dates for Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles!

A little more info about BABYMETAL…

12592337_959765834070683_6055849252227200543_nThe group is made up of SuMetal, YuiMetal and MoaMetal. The three girls were brought together by Kistune-sama, the Fox God to create a new genre of music: Kawaii Metal! Since their debut, their sound has captivated the world. “Gimme Chocolate”, one of their most popular singles, has already received over 40 million views on Youtube! If you are ever lucky enough to catch them in concert, be sure to raise your “fox sign” to cheer for them!

They are also going to release a new album on April 1st of this year (Fox Day)! It has been two years since their debut album was released, so we’re sure there are a lot of antsy fans who can’t wait!

Gimme Chocolate!