B1A4 : Four Nights in the US 2017!

b1a4_6We’re sure most of you are aware by now, but we just wanted to send out a quick reminder! The boys of B1A4 are coming to the U.S. for a solo tour! They will be stopping in four different cities, starting in February. Here’s a breakdown of their schedule!

1st Night: NYC (Feb.15th)

2nd Night: Chicago (Feb. 17th)

3rd Night: San Francisco (Feb. 19th)

4th Night: Los Angeles (Feb. 20th)

Tickets have already gone on sale! They range from $50-$150 (P1). P1 ticket holders will get an Hi-Touch Opportunity as well as early entry into the venue! Here is where you can buy them for each city!

NYC – Tickets! (Powerhouse), Tickets! (ticketweb.com)

Chicago – Tickets! (Powerhouse), Tickets! (ticketfly.com)

San Francisco – Tickets! (Powerhouse), Tickets! (axs.com)

Los Angeles – Tickets! (Powerhouse), Tickets! (axs.com)

We will continue to update this post if anything changes or is added! For more info, check out Powerhouse’s website!

Also, NY BANAS! There is a Facebook group for you to join if you’re interested in getting more info about B1A4’s stop in NYC! Check it out here!


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