B.A.P. Live on Earth 2016 World Tour!

Seriously, Kpop fans all around the U.S. will be doing extra chores, babysitting or otherwise working overtime to try and save up since the month of April is hosting so many, awesome live Kpop shows we weren’t expecting! One that was just recently announced was B.A.P.’s 2016 World Tour!

PH ECARD_03032016_FINALPowerhouseLive made the announcement earlier last week, and fans couldn’t be more excited! It’s been a while since B.A.P. has traveled to the states and we’re sure they will be welcomed with open arms!

Where are they stopping exactly? Well, they have a pretty packed travel schedule planned. Here are the dates:

April 14th, San Francisco

April 17th, Los Angeles

April 21st, Dallas

April 23rd, Chicago

April 25th, New York

April 27th, Atlanta

There are also squeezing two stops in Canada:

April 19th, Vancouver

April 24th, Toronto

Ticket buying information can be found on Powerhouse’s website under the “Tickets” menu!

Where are you going to try and catch B.A.P on their upcoming tour?


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