Attention Please! UP10TION Has a New Variety Show

“UP10TION, Please” is the latest show addition to the Created by Viki channel on Viki. Soompi and ZanyTV have collaborated to bring UP10TION fans closer to their group by putting them in a lot of funny situations and incorporating social media participation for creating their daily missions.

The original variety show released it’s first episode yesterday, which is now live on Viki’s website! The series promises to release a new episode every Wednesday, so you’ll have to be patient, Honey10’s! We glanced at the first episode, and we think it will be a hit! Hopefully, we can learn more about this charming group as the series continues.

While at KCON17NY, we also had the chance to interview Up10TION! Stay tuned for our video, coming soon ~





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