Adventures in Korea : Seoul Day 3!

Here it is! The finale of our Seoul adventures! In this episode, we travel to one of the most popular sites in Seoul, the N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)! After that we take a detour and visit a hub of cultural discovery, Itaewon, then finish strong at the largest indoor amusement park we’ve ever seen, Lotte World! Follow our adventure below!

Here’s some more information on where we visited in this episode!

Namsan Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)

This giant structure is actually a radio tower, sending signals for a lot of major t.v. and radio networks all around Seoul! It’s probably now better known as a spot for couples since this is home to the famous “Locks of Love”. There are fences upon fences of locks with lovers names and promises on them, and there is even a store on the first level where you can purchase a lock on site! Many Kdramas have filmed there and special events are held there every so often. Getting up to the top of the tower costs about 9,000 won for adults! To get to N Seoul Tower, you can take a Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus (N. 2, 3, or 5) that stop right up near the top. We also heard that if you hold a foreign passport, taxis are allowed to drive up to the top as well, but we weren’t able to test that this time around!

More Info : – Namsan Seoul Tower


The Itaewon district hosts restaurants and shopping from around the world! Wandering the narrow streets, you’re sure to find delicacies from all over! There’s even a street for avid antiques collectors to drool over, everything from European to American collectibles can be found here. Staying near the Subway station, however, you will find a main street with restaurants from Italy, Thailand, America and England, just to name a few of the countries represented! Popular tv personality, Seok-Cheon “Tony” Hong also has a couple of restaurants here! 

Subway : Itaewon Station (Line 6)

More Info : – Itaewon

Lotte World

Hello, indoor theme park! We figured we’d end the day off right as we knew it would be our last full night in Seoul! We decided to head over when we saw that the tickets after 7pm were only 18,000 won! But, that only gives about 3 hours of park time, which was plenty for us! The operating hours are 9:30AM – 10:00PM for access to rides, a skating rink, live shows and cultural exhibitions. Although, if you go at night, there are a lot of young people and the lines for the particularly thrilling rides are pretty long ~

Subway : Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 8), Exit 4

More Info : – Lotte World





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