Adventures in Korea! Seoul : Day 1

If you have been following our social media, you may have noticed that we (finally!) took our first ever trip to Seoul, South Korea! It’s been a long time coming and we were very excited to be able to finally visit the motherland of K-pop, K-Drama and Korean food and culture! As you can expect, we tried to visit everywhere and anywhere. Seoul is bigger than you could imagine, full of new technologies and older historical sites! Check out what we did and who we met in our first episode of our Adventures in Korea series!

Here is some more in-depth information on some of the places we visited in this episode!

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Referred to as the Northern Palace, it’s the largest palace out of the five palaces in Seoul. Sadly, the original structure was burned down during the Japanese Invasions of Korea (Imjin War) between 1592-1598, but was rebuilt in 1867. Even so, it’s a magnificent example of what palace life might have been like during the Joseon-era! You can really wander around the beautifully kept gardens and structures, contemplating the history that must have taken place along these manicured paths.

We just explored on our own, but guided tours are also available! And don’t miss the changing of the guard ceremony. It happens every hour from 10am-3pm and really is a spectacle!

Entry Fee: 3,000 won for Adults

For more info: – Gyeongbokgung Palace

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Or the DDP for short, which also stands for “Dream, Design, Play”. This impressive structure is home to fashion shows, special exhibits, and conferences. There are various halls you can visit, but we just admired from outside and were still impressed! We also stumbled upon a Kakao Friends Store location on the B-level! Definitely a must-see!

Subway Directions: Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, (Lines 2,4,5) Exit 1

For more info: – DDP

Myeong Dong

This shopping destination is a really popular spot for finding accessories, beauty products and cheap and delicious street food! You’ll be blown away by all of the people and lights, but it’s a fun location for finding just whatever it is you’re looking for! We also stumbled upon a cat cafe here called Cat Playground! The cats were a little sleepy at 9pm, but we still had fun watching and interacting with them while we took a short break from our travels!

Subway Directions: Myeong Dong Station (Line 4), Exit 5,6,7 & 8, Euljiro 1-GA Station (Line 2) Exit 5,6 & 7

For more info: – Myeong Dong

Special shoutout to WhitneyBae for meeting up with us and taking us to the cute banana milk cafe, Yellow Cafe!  (watch the video for directions to Yellow Cafe)




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