[60 Second Review] Got7’s “A”


This week’s 60 Second Review is JYP’s “new kids on the block”, Got 7! They are back with their latest single, “A”. We thought it was really cute! We really enjoyed the atmosphere that this video was trying to create. The colors were vibrant and the location felt tropical, as if you had gone on vacation with Got 7 over the summer!


One aspect of this video we really liked was the fact that they used so many non-Korean faces in the background. It was refreshing to see such diversity within the music video! It seemed like they used a lot of the locals around Malaysia and we applaud them for that!

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 3.14.48 PM

There was some creepy, “stalkerish” behavior happening through out the music video, but of course, this was done in a cute, upbeat way so that fans would forget it’s actually kind of weird to follow a stranger around while they are shopping/working, ect!

What did you guys think of the music video? Did you appreciate the same things that we did or did you observe different things? Would you jet off to Malaysia to be part of Got 7’s parking lot party?? (We totally would!) Enjoy! ^_^