5 Things We Love/Hate About Korean Dramas!

They are terribly addicting little things aren’t they? Of course we’re speaking of Korean Dramas or Kdramas. Everyone has their favorites for various reasons…For example, we like “Protect the Boss” and “Rooftop Prince” since they feature JYJ members. But, there are a lot of things we’ve noticed about Kdrama that makes it a special kind of entertainment only gluttons for punishment could enjoy! Here’s our list of things we love/hate about Kdramas!

1) Rich Leading Men


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Is everyone in Korea super rich? No? Then why does it seem like it?!? In almost every drama we’ve watched, the main character is a chaebol son, an estranged rich outcast or a guy who suddenly has riches thrown at him by episode 23…why do you need so much money?? What are you trying to say? That in order to be someone’s Prince Charming you need to own a company? I’m sure there are plenty of normal, everyday guys who would fit the bill nicely.

 2) “Barely Touching Lips” Kisses


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…..This….this is what really bothers us! Maybe it’s just our American sensibilities, but when we see a kiss scene, we expect there to be passion!! Granted, there are many exceptions, like Gong Yoo/Yoo Eun Hye in “Coffee Prince”, Yoo Eun Hye/Kang Ji Hwan in “Lie To Me”…basically anything Yoo Eun Hye does..(girl knows what she’s doing!), “game over” kiss from “Personal Preference”…But when we see just a face-to-face smoosh…we wonder, have these people kissed before? Are we in kindergarten! Some of you are playing 30 year olds and that’s how you kiss?? We know that a lot of it has to do with Korean culture, lack of PDA, demureness, TV standards and idols ect, but come on! Give us something! We want to fantasize about kissing these people, not cringe and turn the other way….

Exhibit A: Barely touching…AGHHH!!


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3) The Nice/Completely Wonderful “rival” Never Gets the Girl!


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Apparently, in Kdramas, you can be handsome, rich and polite as hell but that won’t guarantee so much as a glance from the leading female. The “other man” is always “friendzoned” or shafted by the girl, but we find ourselves constantly rooting for the other guy! Come on girl! Did you not see his perfect smile or car that he drives! Not to mention he’s there for you whenever you need him!! Oh no, wait, I’m going to end up with the guy I’m constantly fighting with throughout the entire drama…because I like “bad boys”. Sigh….Hang in there “other guy”…you can always approach one of us! ^_~

4) When to END the Stupid Drama Already!…



Yay! The main characters finally get together during episode 35 after dealing with mean friends, crazy parents and class warfare! But…wait, we’re going to throw another obstacle at you for no apparent reason that gets resolved almost immediately…why Kdrama? Why??? Waste of production money and our time! Just let us have the happy ending and get on with our lives!!

5) Parking Free-For-All


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Is this even legal?? Everyone in Kdramas have cool cars but did they forget to get licenses? Have you ever noticed that when someone goes to pick someone else up, they just kinda pull over to the side and wait for their passenger, or just park in the middle of the street? Like, right in the middle. Not even trying to leave room to pass next to them…Is this just t.v. magic, or do people in Korea really drive like this, because we can imagine that traffic would be insane if people just parked in the middle of the freeway to take in the spectacular view.

Well, that’s all for now, but we’re sure there will be many more things that bug us in the future! You know what though, Kdrama has a special place in our hearts and though the story lines are predictable and the acting is not oscar-worthy, we will continue to watch until they just can’t make them anymore! ^_^