5 Things We Learned About Kpop Group MVP

Thanks to our friends at Subkulture Entertainment, we were able to conduct a virtual interview with the members of PH Entertainment’s rookie boy group, MVP. Not much is known about them yet, besides the fact that they competed on The Unit, so we were excited to get this chance! We’ve already released two of our interview videos with the group and here’s what we’ve learned about them so far! 

1. Twins Jin and Been get along great!

Siblings can have their ups and downs, which we know all too well, but apparently the boys feel more comfortable being in the group together, so YAY for siblings that get along! Guess there’s safety in numbers! One downside? Things can get a little dicey when the two go out to eat together! Let’s just say they’re growing boys who can eat their (and everyone else’s) meals and then some, which causes them to frequently break the bank at mealtime.

2. MVP is inspired by lots of Korean acts!

When asked who their biggest musical inspirations were, there were a lot of different answers, but most of them were of the most well-known names in Kpop, like Xia Junsu, G-dragon, Exo, BTS, Monsta X and Jay Park just to name a few!

3. Park Young Jin has an interesting nicknameThe rest of the guys in MVP call Park Young Jin, Pop Young Jin, to commemorate this member’s undying love for all things Pop music!

4. They made lots of friends on The Unit Though the appearance of MVP as a group on The Unit was brief, they still had a chance to bond with the other contestants. In particular, the boys said they grew closer to Jun and Chan from ACE!

5. They really, really want to visit the U.S.! 

When asked where they wanted to visit, MVP stated that America was a country they really wanted to visit soon. The most popular cities on their destination wish lists were LA and New York City! Let’s hope they get the chance to hold a U.S. tour soon!

Those answers were only the tip of the iceberg! If you want to learn more about the boys of MVP, check out Part 1 and 2 of our video interview! Part 3 is on the way! Enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 is coming soon ~

Video Links:

MVP Interview Part 1

MVP Interview Part 2

MVP is also heading out on a South American tour in March! Check here for updates!



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