5 Korean Films You Should Watch Tonight!

We were so excited to find that Dramafever has just added even more Korean feature films to it’s library! Here are some recommendation to get you started on what you should watch!

1. Werewolf Boy


So glad to see this film on Dramafever! We had the opportunity to see this film in theaters at our local CGV when it was first released, but we loved it so much, we wouldn’t mind seeing it again, and now we can! This movie follows the unbelievable story of a boy who struggles to fit in because, well, he isn’t exactly your average child. We’re warning you, it’s a tearjerker!

2. Spellbound


What a fun film! A great mix of romance, comedy and HORROR! Seriously, when we played the film we thought it was going to be light-hearted, but it turned dark very quickly. You’ll see what we mean…(don’t get too scared!) Also, we loved seeing Lee Min Ki as the fumbling and adorable male lead! Definitely a must-watch!

3. Love Forecast


How can a beautiful, talented weather reporter have so much trouble with finding love? And her best friend isn’t very helpful, constantly nagging at her about her drinking and love for pig trotters…but can their friendship blossom into something more? Seriously, how can a guy carry a torch for a girl for over a decade?? This is a cute film that should be watched immediately, if not for the fun storyline, for the eye-candy appeal of both Lee Seung Gi AND Jung Joon Young! Yay!

4. Twenty


This coming-of-age tale has a little bit of everything; family tension, romance, action and a cast full of drool-worthy leads! Did we forget humor?? This film will leave you chuckling long after it’s over! Check out Kim Woo Bin in what has to be one of his most fun roles to date!

5. Grow
4772_GrowIFINITEsRealYouthLife_Slider_v2If you’re a Kpop fan, this is a fun watch! In Grow, we follow Kpop group Infinite as they embark on their One Great Step international tour. You get to witness the highs and lows of their experience, as well as hear what the boys think of their careers up to this point. It’s interesting to sneak a peek at what goes on behind the scenes!

Enjoy your upcoming movie night! Which films did you like the best?


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